Friday, May 25, 2012

User Photo Not Visible On Site From Rest API In Apex Salesforce

Hi All ,
I was accessing the photourl through site !

"photo": {
        "largePhotoUrl": "https://instance_name/profilephoto/729D00000000BDV/F",
        "photoVersionId": "729D00000000BDV",
        "smallPhotoUrl": "https://instance_name/profilephoto/729D00000000BDV/T"

Now if we expose these photo url on visualforce page would render properly but if we try to get the same of public site these photo url does not exist because session does not maintain .Images look like burst and does not show properly.

So what we can do , we can append either oauth_token or sessionid at the last of the photourl as a parameter. 
Let say our photo url is "largePhotoUrl": 


so we need to append the oauth_token like :

largePhotoUrl": "https://instance_name/profilephoto/729D00000000BDV/F'?oauth_token=00DV0000004RJpB!ARMAQFwrXxu7t6DAjWcseeWxXTo9UtSh4xZbrWJqHRnCulQ16yKqq97wIWIREdPtKfQ7BcFffyD9Y43MVBfa4hmHaPLfkT6C';
Now you can access the image as public with the help of oauth_token . Thanks


  1. There is better solution using chatter connect API.

    public String getUserPhotoURL(String UserId) {
    ConnectApi.Photo ph = ConnectApi.ChatterUsers.getPhoto(null, UserId);
    return ph.fullEmailPhotoUrl;

    Read more in my blog:

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